A New Adventure

Welcome!  What shall we start with?  How about the thumbprint cookies I made yesterday?


These were made using this recipe, with a couple alterations.  I made them with Earth Balance instead of butter.  And my almonds weren’t toasted, because honestly, I’m lazy.

As this is my first post, I should say a few things about myself.  I am a recent transplant to Portland, OR from Louisville, KY.  I’m originally from Wisconsin.  I have been vegan for over two years and vegetarian for a great deal longer.  I call myself a half-assed vegan because I still eat honey, because I love it, and will occasionally eat baked goods that have eggs in them and even less occasionally eat cheese.

I’m vegan mostly for health reasons.  It is the only diet I’ve found that I can maintain a healthy weight with.  After saying that, a great deal of the motivation is political; I don’t agree with the factory system that is used to produce meat and dairy products.  When I do eat eggs and dairy, I like to know where they came from and how they were raised.  For example, my roommate insisted that I try some of his cornbread the other night.  It had eggs in it – eggs laid by my other roommate’s chickens.  I know that happy hens laid those eggs, so I was willing to try it.

And I love cooking!  I started cooking in college as a way to avoid reading thick tomes of arcane Chinese history.  I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with substitutions, so vegan cooking is especially fun for me.  I even won a recipe contest once!


I am at the moment unemployed and spending a great deal of time cooking and baking.  So – this is the fruit (probably an apple) of my efforts.  Enjoy.


One response to “A New Adventure

  1. Please keep posting. I love your blog! I just found it today Feb 5th. I tried to leave a comment before, but I am not sure what happened. So happy to find these recipes.

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