A Pseudo-German Feast


Brown rice, cabbage and apple, and tempeh ‘sausage’!  The cabbage and apple dish I based of memories of something my brother made a few years ago.  I sauted onion and purple cabbage, then added red wine vinegar (and a bit of apple cider vinegar too), salt and pepper and the apple slices.  For the tempeh, I cooked them up in the cast iron with a big hit of soy sauce and a generous sprinkling of Penzey’s 4S salt mix (which is also amazing on popcorn, with nutritional yeast, natch!).



One response to “A Pseudo-German Feast

  1. Hello! Please keep posting. I just found your blog and I love it. I am seriously considering becoming Vegan and I love what you put together on a budget. If you get this, please let me know what you are up to and continue to blog PLEASE!!!!


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